Films For Web And Conference

A short video can communicate your vision, demonstrate your product or service, educate your clients or entertain your team.

A Beginning To End Service

Emma Plunkett works closely with you, interpreting your initial inspiration and taking your thoughts and turning them into real, practical and viable possibilities. She develops the storyboards, creates the overall look, using your colours themes, with graphics and subtitles. She also lets you get involved with the styling of the the characters. Emma does the more technical side of things like choosing suitable animation techniques, filming, lighting, recording and mixing audio, all the way through to the final edit with special effects. Emma work alongside several musicians to create the right audio feel, always using original copyright free soundtracks, to lift your film.

Your Creativity In The Picture

Emma loves other peoples creativity and she likes to encourage people to express themselves through dance, performance and drawing. Under her supervision, you are guided to be creative and thus you and your team could be providing the content for your own films, which makes very compelling viewing. For example in this Black and White Animation Emma encouraged a team of corporate financiers to draw how they felt about their year and then she and her team animated the drawings to bring them to life.

staff drawings animated