Who is she?

Emma Plunkett animator film makerEmma Plunkett is the second of four children, raised in west London as a bit of a tom boy with a penchant for the odd pink fairy dress. By her early twenties she was already art school educated to degree level at East London’s N.E.L.P. This is where she departed from painting to focus on experimental photography and projection. She went on to work as a VJ for many years, mixing and projecting her own home made films, live at clubs, galleries, theatres, parties and festivals around London and Europe. Her work is always uplifting and she’s quite adept at incorporating a theme and personalising a film on the fly.

She now works as a freelance artist, designer and film maker / animator.

Emma is technical and creative. Her level of expertise in a wide variety of artistic disciplines conveys through to her film work. She makes highly original pieces using watercolour, pen and ink, graphic design and sculpture.

Social Media

Emma made an animation piece for International Women’s Day, which went viral on social media, thus bringing huge awareness to the brand.

Charities And NGO’s

One of the films she devised and filmed for VSO, contributed to their application winning substantial funding.


Emma’s film style comes across as visually strong when shown on large scale multi screens at conferences and events.